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Studio Elwood

Terra Nova Diptych - Giclee Print

Terra Nova Diptych - Giclee Print

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Terra Arch

Subtle silvery greys dilute the warm earthy tones of this abstract geometric artwork. Named after the Latin name ‘Terra’ meaning from the earth. Painted by hand from above, the artwork has no top or bottom so can be hung portrait or landscape depending on your interior requirements.

Nova Arch

The warm grey tones form a neutral backdrop for the intense pink and peach hues enhancing their vibrancy and strength on the picture plane. The name ‘Nova’ was chosen for this artwork, a Latin word meaning new, a star suddenly becoming thousands of times brighter and then slowly returning to its original state. The artwork is grey and tonal however refreshing and new with a suggestion towards an intense inner light. This artwork stands well on its own or hung as a diptych (two panel artwork) with Terra Arch.

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