Custom Framing

Studio Elwood offers the option of having your new art prints professionally custom framed. All framing of our canvas prints includes a shadow box frame. 

What is a Shadow Box Frame?

Shadow Box framed canvas prints are a type of canvas print that are mounted inside a wooden frame, leaving a small gap around the edges. This creates a shadow effect that adds depth and dimension to your artwork.

Shadow Box frames are also known as floating frames, because they make your canvas print look like it is floating inside the frame.


Why Choose a Shadow Box Frame?

Shadow Box framed canvas prints are a great option for displaying your fine art prints, because they offer several advantages over other types of frames. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Shadow Box frames for your canvas prints:

  • They enhance the visual impact of your canvas print by creating a contrast between the frame and the artwork.
  • They protect your canvas print from dust, moisture, and UV rays, while allowing the texture and colors of the canvas to shine through.
  • They are lighter and more affordable than framed paper prints, because they do not require glass or a matt board.
  • They are easy to hang and adjust, because they have a metal wire at the back that can be hooked onto a nail or a hook.
  • They are customizable, because you can choose from different colors and sizes of frames to suit your preference and your wall space.


Studio Elwood offers the option of a Raw Oak, Black of White wooden frame to suit your artwork.