Studio Elwood is an artistic design company producing original, abstract artwork by leading Australian artist & designer Tory Burke. With a focus on color and balanced design, we offer original and limited edition artwork in a range of sizes and frame styles. Favored by architects, interior designers, stylists and home decorators, as well as property owners and developers, Studio Elwood is Art for Life


Tory has created a visually intriguing series with beautiful warm tones and considered colour palettes arranged purposefully on the picture plane and in her geometric artwork.

The new ’Scallop Series’ feature a play with a white scalloped motif that contrasts beautifully with her colourful abstract designs.

“I love to layer up colour in geometric shapes and see how they sit next to each other. Sometimes they agitate each other and other times they sit in harmony”, Tory says.

The layers of oil on the linen are peaceful and beautiful, however could be pushed further. She added the white scalloping that gave the artwork another contrasting element, a freshness to her work and the name of the new series.

  • Khaki Scallop

    $250.00$1,650.00 Select options
  • Copper Scallop

    $250.00$1,100.00 Select options
  • Bronzed Scallop

    $250.00$1,100.00 Select options
  • Clay Scallop

    $250.00$1,350.00 Select options
  • Green Scallop

    $250.00$840.00 Select options
  • Golden Scallop

    $250.00$840.00 Select options
  • Hera

    $270.00$6,000.00 Select options
  • Zeus

    $270.00$3,300.00 Select options
  • Adonis

    $270.00$3,300.00 Select options
  • Artemis

    $270.00$3,300.00 Select options
  • Apollo

    $250.00$3,300.00 Select options