Gum Trees Yellow


Original Oil Painting By Tory Burke

Giclee Art Print

Limited Edition 1/50



An iconic symbol of Australia, the Gum Tree is a strong connection for the artist when thinking of her home. There are a group of giant Eucalyptus trees near the studio and every time the artist sees them she becomes nostalgic. Yearly they shed their bark to expose a brilliantly clean, smooth and refreshingly new skin that glows with the sensuous raw colours of the Australian land.

Like Albert Namatijira, the artist is not afraid to use colour in her landscape paintings. The yellow and black organic lines are a strong contrast like the black and white keys on a piano. The trees are tall and irregular, twisting and turning towards the light and against the harsh wind. Like notes of music the gum trees dance across the picture plane and our Australian landscape creating a harmony and language of their own.

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Extra-small, medium & large size prints

The art canvas is attached to MDF board as the backing. From there the canvas can be framed and we offer a choice of raw oak, black or a white drop in frame of the highest quality.

The depth of the frame off the wall is 40mm.

Extra- Large size prints

The art canvas is stretched onto kiln dried, acid free stretcher bar made from regrowth timber. The depth of the stretcher bar is 35mm and we have included bracing for extra support.

The canvas comes with a canvas print bleed of 40mm. This is included so when the canvas is stretched you can see the image on the side of the work. This also enables you to have your art work displayed stretched only and unframed if desired, keeping those budget costs down.

Once stretched, the canvas can be framed. We use a custom-made Tassie Oak canvas drop in frame of the highest quality. The depth of the frame or off the wall is 55 mm and we have made a shadow box or gap of 3-5mm between the canvas and the Fine Art Print.

Your art print can be hung vertically or horizontally depending on your personal requirements.

 Care & Maintenance

Please note that your art should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Giclee prints are made to last however everything will deteriorate if exposed to long periods of direct sunlight. The canvas print has a protective UV clear coating. If by accident you should spill something on your canvas print, please wipe with a damp clean rag.