4 Panel Colour Play Series


Giclee Fine Art Print of Original Oil Painting

Printed on Hahnemühle Daguerre Canvas (400 gsm) – museum quality for highest age resistance

Limited Edition 1/50


A warm colour study depicted by this 4 panel Colour Play Series. The modern composition is strong and balanced. Using the ‘Golden Mean Ratio’ to divide the picture plane.  The rectangular shapes purposefully placed on an angle. To create an agitation and lead the eye around the art work to the central focal point. Similar to Mondrian, the artist has used the ‘Golden Mean’ ratio to mathematically subdivide her composition. The artist has used a painterly rubbed linen technique. Creating a sensuous texture and natural rawness to her artwork.

The modern and dynamic series composition painted as one four paneled artwork. The composition is connected creating a large spectacular piece.

Available as a one off original set of 4 artworks or as fine art giclee prints.

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