Launching the

STUCCO Artwork Collection 2022


Artist Tory Burke has produced another exciting series of abstract art using traditional lux oils on stunning Italian linen.

Inspired by the contrast of textured renders, Tory has focused on creating this element in her abstract geometric designs, starting with thin layers of colour and working towards a thick lux impasto style.

Studio Elwood is an artistic design company producing original, abstract artwork by leading Australian artist & designer Tory Burke. With a focus on color and balanced design, we offer original and limited edition artwork in a range of sizes and frame styles. Favored by architects, interior designers, stylists and home decorators, as well as property owners and developers, Studio Elwood is Art for Life


  • White Stucco 2

    $270.00$1,050.00 Select options
  • Butter Stucco 1

    $270.00$1,050.00 Select options
  • Stucco Glaucous

    $270.00$2,500.00 Select options
  • Green Diptych Stucco

    $920.00$7,000.00 Select options
Studio Elwood is based in Melbourne Australia and designs, produces and prints artwork for the home or office. Studio Elwood artwork is designed and painted by Melbourne artist Tory Burke. Tory produces both original artwork painted in oils on Italian linen as well as limited edition giclee fine art prints. All of Studio Elwood’s artworks are original designs in an abstract and geometric style. Studio Elwood’s affordable art is favoured by interior designers and architects all over Australia.